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Patrick Jamroz

Sales Consultant

I was warmly welcomed into real estate as a sales consultant in Brisbane, Queensland where I got to learn the ropes and gain industry experience which I became successful in a short period of time through the love of helping people and their situation. In my real estate career I am positioned to treat it as such, a career. Doing things right while doing them ethically, rolling up the sleeves and not being scared of the hard work ahead. My youthful charisma means that I am hungry to prove myself to the market and stand out from the average Joe. 

Since starting to work in the Melbourne market I have found the opportunities for buyers and sellers to be exciting as appose to other parts of Australia. The formula, applied properly with someone willing to stick to a proven strategy and work hard in your best interests is something people should do themselves a favour on. I am excited to see you in your living room talking about your life plans and goal as well as how we can help you achieve that.